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Breaking News, Research 19 Jun 2023

BREAKING NEWS – 19.06.2023

In the press release of June 14, 2023, Doxee SpA – a multinational high-tech leader in the offer of products in the field of CCM (Customer Communications Management), Digital Customer Experience and Paperless, announces that it has been awarded, in a Temporary Grouping of Companies (RTI) with Poste SpA, the mandated company, the tender announced by INPS (National Social Insurance Agency) and aimed at the signing of the framework agreement for a duration of four years, for the service aimed at the realization of personalized and interactive videos. The contract was funded through the resources allocated under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) for the digital transformation of SMEs and the Public Administration.

Postel Spa is a document company, belonging to Poste Italiane Group, which deals with the provision of document management and communication services in support of public and private business entities.

The collaboration between Postel and Doxee is carried out with a view of innovative approach to communication, in order to support Public Administration entities in their digitalization path. The relationship between citizens and PAs will, thus, be able to benefit, more and more, from those digital services that can enable rapid access to bi-directional information, guaranteed by the interactive nature of Doxee technology. The collaboration between the companies arises in the context of the realization of innovative communication projects for the enhancement of information and customized services based on the type of users and the services requested through the video format.

The total amount awarded under the tender is € 1.80 million, of which € 0.3 million for the year 2023, € 0.6 million for 2024, € 0.6 million for 2025 and € 0.3 million for 2026. The definition of the allocation ratios of these amounts between the two companies will be identified within the framework agreement, which is scheduled to be signed by July 2023. 

The creation of audiovisual products will be based on Doxee’s patented Pvideo technology, while marketing will be carried out through PostelVIDEO, thanks to the virtuous collaboration between Postel and Doxee for exclusive use reserved for PAs. Doxee Pvideo technology combines the simplicity of messages, communicated by means of efficient and direct language with an attractive video format for the user, facilitating the use of digital services of the Public Administration. Concerning Public Entities, service delivery improvement is planned through simplification and streamlining processes with a focus on digital transformation.

Considering the press release, we confirm our recommendation: the target price € 13.00, BUY rating and risk MEDIUM.
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