Integrae Sim is leader in extraordinaryfinance for businesses in Italy.

Integrae SIM is specialized in structuring Capital Market operations on the Euronext Growth Milan market



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ECM/DCM Managed Operations

500+€ mln

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Financial analyses per year

With an integrated approach and professional rigor, Integrae SIM meets the multiple needs of companies, in particular SMEs, entrepreneurs, market counterparties, and investors.

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With an integrated approach and professional rigor, Integrae SIM meets the multiple needs of companies,
in particular SMEs, entrepreneurs, market counterparties, and investors.

Our mission is to provide optimal financial solutions for all extraordinary business operations. Increasingly, the competitive environment in which Italian companies operate requires them to grow, both organically through new production plants and new markets, and externally through acquisitions. Integrae SIM identifies the optimal financial solutions to meet the growth needs of Italian companies, in particular SMEs. The Integrae SIM offer is completed with solutions to solve generational transitions, changes in ownership structures, and any extraordinary operation the company may need.

Corporate Finance

Activities in support of companies, industry, and services, for the use of new sources of funding or for the implementation of financial operations at the service of the business growth plan. Such assets include Equity Capital Market, Debt Capital Market, Structured Finance, and M&A.

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Equity Research

Independent analysis and research activities to allow the financial market to be constantly updated on the prospects of Integrae SIM client companies. The research produced expresses the Fair Value of the Companies under analysis. Equity Research supports all other company functions and integrates them with market research proposals and new investment ideas.

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Digital Media Marketing

Integrae Sim, to offer its customers an increasingly complete integrated service, has extended its expertise in the field of financial communication through a dedicated Digital Marketing Media Relation team, it offers advice aimed at enhancing the equity story across the investor ecosystem, also leveraging on a multi-channel and multi-platform content factory.

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Equity Sales & Trading

Handles relations between listed companies and investors. It also deals with the placement of financial instruments, in particular IPO operations, capital increases, issuance of bonds.

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Distinctive factors

Integrated approach and professional rigor to serve the multiple needs of companies, entrepreneurs, market counterparties, and investors

  • Integrated approach professional rigor and the highest quality of results always tangible for the customer
  • Professional integrity transparency, honesty and morality
  • Ability to identify innovative solutions of Extraordinary Finance at the service of industrial choices
  • “One-Stop-Shop” can offer a complete range of integrated services that maximize value for customers
  • Operational flexibility and speed of execution Ability to interact well with the most dynamic SMEs that are perfectly comfortable with the Integrae SIM team
  • Focus on customer interest which is followed even after the listing and for its entire duration on the Stock Exchange
  • Ability to create synergies between the different Integrae customers, in turn potential customers and suppliers of new companies that face the capital market
  • Strong attention to the entrepreneur’s interests and those of the company proposing win-win solutions for both. Tailor-made approach based on entrepreneur’s needs
  • Determination Proven ability to conclude successful operations even in a short time
  • Unique ability to follow companies post-listing both those carried on the Stock Exchange by Integrae SIM and the others, listed by other Euronext Growth Advisors

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