Digital Media Marketing

Integrae Sim, to offer its customers an increasingly complete integrated service, has extended its expertise in the field of financial communication through a dedicated Digital Marketing Media Relation team, it offers advice aimed at enhancing the equity story across the investor ecosystem, also leveraging on a multi-channel and multi-platform content factory.


    Production of editorial content and videos in a sell-side key on listed issuers, aimed at giving visibility to equity stories starting from the newsflow price and nonprice sensitive made public. The content is published on Integrae’s website and social media channels; on the daily newsletter, on partner financial information sites (BFC Group newspapers, such as Forbes, Bluerating,, and Ora Finanza), and on partner online trading platforms (Directa SIM).


    The visibility of the equity story of an issuer also passes through the presence on the traditional media Integrae Sim boasts a consolidated relationship with the national financial newspapers that frequently welcome and relaunch the insights and research of the Sim a promotional activity that is implemented both Pre IPO (with the “Ultimo Miglio” (last mile) service) and Ongoing with the aim of giving maximum dissemination to the newslfow of the Issuer on the Market through intense and targeted sell-side communication actions


    Organization, onsite and in digital mode, of connection and matching meetings between issuers and investors, to give visibility to the equity story, open the doors to connections, and future collaborations, able to bring changes, innovations and create value. There are two types of formats: the Finance Gala, which combines typically business moments with entertainment and experiential activities, and the Investor Day.