Debt Capital Market

Capital raised through the issuance of debt instruments:

  • Debt Structuring Advisory: advice on the most appropriate debt structuring to support the development plans of companies that need to find financial resources through leverage. Definition of the main characteristics of the debt: technical form, total amount, rate, final maturity, amortization profile, possible early repayment, offer period, possible guarantees and/or covenants, presence of the rating, or not. Verification of the financial sustainability of the debt versus cash flows of the Company.
  • Structuring and issuance of bonds.
  • Issue of Bonds and Mini-Bonds also listed.
  • Private placements of debt instruments.
  • Arranger and Lead Manager: coordination of the parties involved (legal, advisors, etc.) aimed at placing the bond issue.

The team aims to find and make available financial resources in debt for companies engaged in the implementation of their industrial project.

Our customers choose Integrae SIM not only for the track record of our human resources, which represent a variety of experiences and know-how with few equals on the Italian market, but also for the presence of Banca Valsabbina in its shareholding, which can act as an “anchor investor”, or as a first investor, in the debt placement operation of companies that rely on Integrae.

In addition to our SIM, Arkios Italy, our reference partner and financial boutique with consolidated experience, supports companies using debt in the search for “target companies”.