Equity Capital Market

Operations to raise capital by listing on the Stock Exchange both in Italy and in Europe, which include:

  • Financial advice to support extraordinary operations: analysis of the company’s business and financial statements, support in the preparation of industrial plans, advice on the strategic and financial aspects of the extraordinary operation.
  • Access to the financial market through initial capital raising (IPO).
  • Equity Capital Market Advisory: advice on the listing process that involves the supervision/coordination of all preparatory activities: from the first feasibility analysis to the implementation of the activities, to assistance in relations with the various counterparties (supervisory authorities, banks, lawyers, auditors, investors).
  • Euronext Growth Advisor (EGA): evaluation of the appropriateness of the Company for the application for Admission on Euronext Growth Milan, management of the listing process, and assistance throughout the period of stay on the market.
  • Global Coordinator: organization of the entire listing process (also on Euronext Milan and Euronext STAR Milan), including the final phases relating to the placement of securities with investors.
  • Placements and issues for companies already listed.
  • Capital increases and support for the launch of Public Tender Offer.

Corporate Finance Business Cases

Listing on the AIM market, why and how the listing process works:

Case 1 | Value generation: a concrete case [PDF]  
Case 2 Generational transition: a concrete case [PDF]
Case 3 | Boosting international development: a concrete case [PDF]
Case 4External growth: a concrete case [PDF]

The integrated approach, professional rigor, and the ability to customize the optimal financial solution for every type of company, have led to consolidated leadership results on the capital market, in particular in the Euronext Growth Milan segment, dedicated to SME listing and organized and managed by Borsa Italiana.

“MAG”, the magazine of Legal Community (https://legalcommunity.it/mag/https://legalcommunity.it/mag/) in the edition of 13 May 2019 within the in-depth study “AIM, here are the Advisors of a market of 6.8 billion”, mentioned Integrae SIM, as the first intermediary for the number of IPOs carried out on AIM Italy in 2014-2018, the by far most significant period of this segment of the Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange).

In 2019, Integrae SIM, which has always been a leader in the Euronext Growth Milan market, successfully concluded 10 operations, including 8 IPOs in which it acted as Euronext Growth Advisor and simultaneously as Global Coordinator for 7 of these. In addition to these activities, there is also a capital increase operation, reserved for Qualified/Institutional Investors. Integrae has also successfully concluded an IPO on Euronext Access acting as Listing Sponsor.

Also in 2020, Integrae SIM was confirmed as a leader in the Euronext Growth Milan market, having successfully concluded 10 operations, including 9 IPOs on Euronext Growth Milan in which it acted as Euronext Growth Advisor, for 8 of which it also acted as Global Coordinator, in addition to an IPO on Euronext Access acting as Listing Sponsor.