Equity Research

The analysis of companies and the macroeconomic context in which Integrae SIM operates requires professional prospective assessments. Profitable investment cannot be separated from the quality and independence of financial analysts, which are necessary for the correct assessment of performance and the related risk. Since its establishment, Integrae SIM has invested in financial analysis as a discriminating element of professionalism and quality of all its services, in support of its customers and the real economy. Integrae SIM relies today on the recognized independence and professionalism of its analysts. Equity Research is an area independent from top management that operates in a transversal way to support the entire structure. In particular, the activity concerns: the evaluation of listed companies, through the creation of periodic reports; the evaluation of listed companies, through the creation of reports to support IPO operations; the feasibility analysis for the issue of bonds through the implementation of economic/financial plans.

Latest Research