Research, Update 19 Apr 2024

UPDATE – 19.04.2024

For FY23A, the Group recorded a value of production of € 55.44 million, marking a growth of 97.6% compared to the FY22A figure of € 28.06 million. EBITDA came in at € -0.05 million,

Research, Update 8 Dec 2022

UPDATE – 05.10.2022

In the press release of 25 November 2022, Destination Italia SpA, the main Italian Travel Tech company, leader in quality incoming tourism and experiential tourism for tour operators and international travel agencies, listed on

Track Record 19 Oct 2021

Destination Italia

On 15 October 2021, Destination Italia S.p.A. obtained admission to negotiate ordinary shares on AIM Italia, a multilateral negotiations system organized and managed by Borsa Italiana. Negotiations began on 19 October 2021. Integrae SIM