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Breaking News, Research 28 Apr 2023

BREAKING NEWS – 28.04.2023

SolidWorld Group
In the press release of 24 April 2023, SolidWorld Group SpA, the leading company in the digital technologies, 3D printing and manufacturing sector, announced that the first sample of the Elecrospider 3D bioprinter will be delivered in September, the mass production of which at the Barberino Tavarnelle (FI) technology centre was announced in the press release of 16 February 2023.

The Electrospider model was developed from the virtuous collaboration between Bio3Dprinting Srl, a company of the SolidWorld group, and the Research Center of the University of Pisa “Enrico Piaggio”. We are talking about a 3D bioprinter capable of reproducing human cells and tissues with additive technology. The fundamental innovative element of Electrospider consists in its unique ability to print at the same time, through the contemporary extrusion process, both the three-dimensional biocompatible tissue support structure, modelled through the electrofilament technique, and the cellular hydrogels of human cells obtained through the in vitro development of the patient’s cell. In this way, the cells developed on the support structure will continue to be supplied with nutrients through the hydrogel.

The first model was purchased from one of the most important hospital and research centres in the national panorama, located in Northern Italy, for a value of € 0.65 million (including some ancillary services). Electrospider will be used in the reproduction of cells and tissues, aimed at testing innovative drugs and medical procedures by the centre.

Taking into account the press release, we confirm our recommendation: target price € 9.15, BUY rating and MEDIUM risk.
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