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Breaking News, Research 19 Dec 2022

BREAKING NEWS – 19.12.2022

In the press release of 15 December 2022, NVP, an innovative SME active in the end-to-end creation of content for television networks and broadcasting services, listed on Euronext Growth Milan, announced that it had obtained a non-repayable contribution of € 0.40 million for innovative and sustainable investments in the Innovation Hub in Cologno Monzese (MI).

The contribution was allocated as part of an investment program for the technological and digital transformation of companies through the use of technologies related to the “4.0 Transition Plan”, to cover an investment by the Company of an amount equal to approximately € 1.60 million, aimed at the development of an XR Augmented Reality Production System controlled and managed in Remote Production mode and usable in Remote mode.

This XR Production System, thanks to innovative technologies and computational servers, will allow integration of the perspective and the dimensions of the images with the sensors of the camera handling systems in such a way as to make the shots immediately usable and therefore integrate real subjects in a virtual environment to create a unique and psychically immersive experience.

The Company, moreover, during the meeting with the financial community on 15 December, confirms the consolidation of the objectives and new projects for innovative digital services, supported by the investments made in 2022 and planned for the coming years; it is expected for the period 2023-2027 to allocate approximately € 5.0 million in the construction of the Innovation Hub in Milan, in order to achieve leadership in Italy both for productions with mobile directories and remotely.

The Innovation Hub of NVP would, in fact, be the first infrastructure in Italy to welcome the potential offered by technologies and experiments in the field of broadcasting, hosting systems and equipment necessary for the realization of studies with augmented reality sets, creation and management of OTT platforms (Over The Top, digital streaming content) and high-tech master rooms with unlimited remote control connectivity, to remotely manage any event anywhere in the world.

The growth plans outlined in this way are allowing the Company to become a point of reference in particular for sports and engine productions, but also with regard to the Entertainment & Fashion segment, for which an increasingly broad spectrum of medium-large customers is being reached for productions of excellence. The growth plan has already allowed a progressive increase in revenues in the post-listing years and anticipates excellent results in the coming years, with a particular focus on 2023, which will benefit from the fulfillment of the order book, currently equal to € 19.0 million.

Recent events confirm the innovative vocation of NVP’s activity and the great efforts, including economic ones, put in place to revolutionize the broadcasting sector, especially in the direction of remote production services.  Waiting to evaluate the results of the Company’s investment plan and 2022 year-end results, we confirm our estimates: target price: of € 6.75, BUY rating, and Medium risk.

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