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Breaking News, Research 17 May 2023

BREAKING NEWS – 17.05.2023

SolidWorld Group
In its press release of 16 May 2023, Solid World Group SpA, the company heading the Group in the field of digital technologies, 3D printing and manufacturing, announced the start of distribution on the Italian market of the new Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D printer, capable of producing decorative fabrics. The sale will be managed by Energy Group Srl, a subsidiary of Solid World Group based in Bentivoglio (BO).

The printer, with an economic value of approximately € 0.40 million and whose production is coordinated by the management and design software owned by Solid World Group, is able to create decorations directly on fabrics taking advantage of the multi-material capacity and 3DFashion additive technology.

Thanks to the use of the technology of the printer it will be possible to produce garments, footwear, and luxury accessories, obtaining results otherwise unattainable with traditional methods. The printer works through an entirely digitized process: the design of the pattern, created through CAD software, is implemented directly on the fabric through the release of a polymer in the area selected by the operator and its subsequent curing. In addition, the printer cabinet contains 7 cartridges for materials, from vivid colors to fully transparent ones. The printer is, therefore, able to create decorations with more than 600,000 colors, using rigid or flexible materials and covering large areas of up to 2 square meters, thus supporting any design need both in terms of color and texture.

Taking into account the press release, we confirm our recommendation: target price € 9.15, BUY rating and MEDIUM risk.
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