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Breaking News, Research 6 Jul 2023

BREAKING NEWS – 06.07.2023

In the press release of July 4th, 2023, Pozzi Milano SpA – a company active in the table fashion sector and owner, through the subsidiary Pozzi Brand Diffusion Srl, of the historic brands “Pozzi” and “Castello Pozzi” – announces the formalization and signing of an agreement with Licensing Italia Srl, an agency specialized in the search for potential licenses in Italy and, above all, abroad. The agreement stipulates that Licensing Italia, based on the definition of success fees and no fixed costs, will work exclusively for the development of the Pozzi Brand, while still leaving extensive freedom of manoeuvre to the Company for all directional clients.

In particular, some countries are expected to be selected for development before others. The initiative stems from the success recorded during the “Las Vegas Licensing Expo,” held June 13th-15th 2023 in Las Vegas (U.S.), in which the Brand attracted the attention of leading industry insiders, including the possibility of buying “tout court” the Brand for well-defined geographic areas, an opportunity that is being developed recently in this growing sector, within which Italy and France are undisputed leaders. 

Rinaldo Denti, CEO of Pozzi Brand Diffusion, commented: “This agreement is a pivotal element in accelerating the revival process of our Brand, which we would like to remember as the first in Italian fashion founded in 1876. Being able to involve important and credible players is fundamental for our strategy, and today’s agreement that sees Dr. Roberta Nebbia in the front row for us, Managing Director of Licensing Italia, strong with a unique worldwide experience for 35 years, opens the doors to distant countries that we had not even considered in our plans, however ambitious. The world is hungry for Italian Brands that have a history, but the known famous ones are few, not approachable and/or willing to make deals because they are already settled, we are a great opportunity for a myriad of sectors and countries. Therefore, we are realizing that we have infinite scalability and that we need to tread carefully without getting overwhelmed by the strong excitement around us, but by being guided by undisputed professionals like Dr. Roberta Nebbia and her qualified Licensing Italia team.”

Roberta Nebbia, Managing Director of Licensing Italia, states: “I am very happy to have signed this agreement for the management of the licensing activities of the brand “Pozzi Milano 1876” internationally. I believe that the brand has extremely interesting potential for investors around the world. It is a brand with a strong heritage that has all the characteristics to succeed in foreign markets. We have already had the opportunity to present the brand in Las Vegas during the Licensing Expo and we have received a great appreciation”.

In addition, as per the press release published on May 31st, 2023, the definitive agreement was defined with Pensarecasa (IMAB Group), for the exploitation of the Brand “Pozzi Milano 1876” in the furnishing-home sector for the Italian market that can possibly also be extended abroad, by mutual agreement. Within the agreement, in line with the corporate strategy, there were no guaranteed minimums but an annual royalty on all products commercialized under the Pozzi Brand. 

Alberto Bruscoli, Sole Director of Pensarecasa and CEO of the IMAB Group, states: “We have found in the Pozzi team people who are both prompt and understanding of the industry’s need, so we immediately set out to create a “Pozzi Milano 1876” branded line that could be launched on the market as early as the second half of this year and more precisely in the fall.” 

Taking into account the press release, we confirm our recommendation: target price € 1.75, BUY rating and risk MEDIUM.
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