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25 Nov 2020

Promotica / 25.11.2020

On 25 November 2020, Promotica S.p.A. obtained admission to negotiate ordinary shares on AIM Italia, a multilateral negotiations system organized and managed by Borsa Italiana. Negotiations began on 27 November 2020.

Integrae SIM acted as Nomad, Global Coordinator, and Issuer Specialist.

The total equivalent of the resources raised is equal to € 4,796,750, through the placement, at the price of € 1.75 each, of a total of 2,741,000 shares, of which, at the start date of the negotiations, 2,400,000 newly issued shares and 341,000 shares placed as part of the fiscal year of the over-allotment option.

The enterprise. Promotica S.p.A. is one of the leading companies in Italy in the loyalty sector. Founded in 2003 by Diego Toscani, the company has gained over the years a great experience that qualifies it today as an ideal partner to design, organize and manage all kinds of marketing operations aimed at retaining clients. The Company acts as a Full-Service Loyalty Provider, managing every phase of campaigns and promotional operations: design of operations, implementation of the communication campaign, procurement of prizes, logistics services, legal and bureaucratic practices of prize events, monitoring of data, and finally measurement of results. The final goal of all marketing operations is to increase sales, loyalty, and brand advocacy of clients. Promotica realizes a “loyalty program tailor-made”, aimed at obtaining concrete and measurable results in terms of turnover and market shares.

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  • BREAKING NEWS – 09.11.2023
    In a press release of November 6, 2023, Promotica SpA – a loyalty agency specializing in the implementation of marketing solutions aimed at increasing sales, loyalty and brand advocacy, listed on Euronext Growth Milan – announces that it has signed, at the Group level, contracts related to loyalty campaigns amounting to over € 53.00 million with major national and international players in the large-scale retail trade and the Energy sector. In particular, four campaigns, for a total of € 44.00 million, were launched during October and early November, while the remaining part (about € 9.00 million) will be launched by the end of the year.

    The new campaigns were developed with national companies, active in the large-scale retail and Energy sectors, namely: Apulia Distribuzione, Bennet, Caddy’s, Carrefour (Puglia Distribuzione), Coop, Conad, Edison Energia and Végé. Added to these is also the campaign launched on the foreign market for Co-op Hungary, an international player operating in the large-scale retail sector and one of the leading retail chains in Hungary. This operation confirms the success of the choice made in the first part of the year, relating to the launch of the Promotica International division, aimed at strengthening the Group’s positioning abroad and encouraging entry into new markets.

    The Group’s extensive experience in the loyalty field and in the implementation of tailor-made loyalty programs allows the Group to manage all phases of campaigns directly, from ideation to product implementation, positioning itself as an ideal consultant in the industry.

    The press release reflects what was anticipated during the publication of the half-year financial statements and confirms the Company’s positive performance. We confirm our estimates: target price € 7.00, rating BUY and risk MEDIUM.
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