Modelleria Brambilla – Equity Update 30.05.2017

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Modelleria Brambilla signed two new contract for a total € of 0,25 mln. The first one (€0,15 mln) with the Italian group Maus – Hansberg for the production equipment that is going to produce cast iron products for the construction sector (French final customer). The second contract is signed with South Korean Dongseo Group, (€0,1 mln) for molds for production of Automotive products. The delivery is expected during 2H17. New orders, even if is not particularly significant, we believe represent the quality of Brambilla’s model products, which, despite the presence of a market that sees car makers slow down and, in some cases, stopped investments, continues in the acquisition phase of orders. Orders amounting to € 14 mln at the end of April, which, according to management, are positive, especially in the light of the trend of the industry.

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