Modelleria Brambilla – Breaking News 31.07.2017

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  • Modelleria Brambilla and Co.Stamp jointly annouce a reverse take-over deal aiming at unifying their forces to create a leading continental player in the reference market. 
  • Modelleria will not be delisted and Co.Stamp will rebuild the float partially through a reserved capital increase. 
  • In 2016, Co.Stamp had revenues for €46.2mln, EBITDA for €6.3mln, Net Income for € 2.9mln and NFP for €18mln. 
  • The deal will be conducted through a provision of Co.Stamp assets (previously transferred to a NewCo) that will lead to a MBR’s capital increase of max no.38.655.000 shares (90.97% of capital). 
  • As a result, Co stamp will conduct a PTO over the totality of MBR shares and the shares eventually coming from the convertible bond at the price of €3,0/share. The offer will end approx. by January 2018. 
  • Since the main MBR’s shareholders already agreed to accept the offer (which is a main deal term), Co.Stamp will own at least 95.4% of MBR total shares (without considering the additional shares coming from the convertible bond). 
  • This deal will allow the combined entity to gain advantage from industrial integration thanks to products and commercial synergies.

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